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Our primary reporting method is through consultation with your strategist. This is because we are often working toward goals that are unique to you, and it’s sometimes impossible to track very specific key performance indicators through an automated system.

We will review your account every three months to make sure we are on track to achieve your goals. At each quarterly review, your strategist will send you an in-depth report that analyzes the account progress and next steps.

Access to Google Analytics and customized automated reporting is available upon request.

Within a day after you sign, our department heads assign your individual marketing team. We then share all relevant details with these team members so that they can collaborate on a draft of your strategic plan that implements all of our tools and skills in order to achieve your stated goals.

Next, we’ll schedule an account discovery meeting, where you will have a chance to meet the team servicing your account, communicate your vision, and fill us in on your company, competitors, and goals for working with us.

After we meet, your team researches and collaborates to form a full strategy for the next year of your marketing services. We will send you our comprehensive strategy within a week after the meeting. Your assigned strategist will reach out when it is complete to schedule a call to review the document.

If you have problems with a member of your marketing team, please be clear about your concerns and frustrations with them. If you are still unable to resolve your problem, you may request a phone call with our chief strategist / head of accounts by emailing steve@digitalbox.com,ng

While our policy is to reply to emails within one business day, some communication may be delayed if it requires additional time to gather resources.